1Ph 80V Series Charger
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1Ph 80V25A Resonant Battery Charger Image
1Ph 80V25A Resonant Battery Charger
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Guangzhou Resonance Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Resonance Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a world-leading company in Batter-charger technology ,also in charger Manufacturing and sales. Withthe age of new energy is coming , Battery storage and new-energy vehicles will play a key role in the future. In the beginning of our company, we know that battery life and charging  efficiency are much important to improve the cost-effectiveness of new-energy vehicles(such asElectric forklift 、ElectricAGV) andnatural environment.We always keep to find a better way to make a revolution of the new-energy . With the goal for the new-energy revolution ,Guangzhou Resonance Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was found in the spring of 2009, located in Panyu ,Guangzhou,China . We have some excellent engineers and fellows. We can improve the battery charging efficiency to more than 94% with the new resonance and non-linear control technology. Our production cover all inputs of 110 Vac, 220 Vac ,380 Vac , outputs of 12-110 Vdc , 3-300 A, powers of 200-20kw . Our products make the charger more reliable, more efficient and make the battery much life longer . We hope pushing the new-energy development to go faster and better with our customers. Our products are widely used in all kinds of different electric vehicles and battery storage all over the world , which can be found in the railway、airport、wharf、factory、supermarket、park、countryside ,etc -----We are the Official Suppliers of CRRC. We respect all the customers 、 the natural environmentand the future . The sustainable development of society 、environment and finance is what we serious considered, so our product can prove the batterymore life-longer and less cost . We always carry out: Develop together with people ( Customer and fellow) Develop together with nature(less environment pollution , more return)
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Country of origin
Year of established
Total employee
around 50
Production lines
Factory size
2500 square meters
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